WEB DESIGN SERVICES – Flat rates available!


Web Design

We can build a beautiful website for you in a matter of weeks and send you off to a great start!


Maintenance & Repair

Our team of programmers can repair, edit and modify older websites and bring back life to an aging site.



We’re more than happy to discuss your creative options. Feel free to explore all avenues before making a commitment.

WordPress Websites

Websites are the brick and mortar storefronts of the new economy and we’re here to help you open up shop! Utilizing the power of WordPress, a robust Content Management System, we can build beautiful and adaptive websites for ANY occasion. Our designers build your site on the solid foundation of a custom framework, tested for stability and security. Using the specifications and creative direction you provide, we choose the best layout for your project and start the design process. Your website will be entirely unique to you and will be the creative representation of your message, product or organization. By using WordPress to build our websites, we are able to offer you a much simpler administrative back end, allowing you to customize and add content as you need. While we are more than happy to manage your content for you, this option allows you to save money and administer changes to the site as you see fit, bypassing the need to hire a designer.

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*Flat rates are available for this service.

Maintenance & Repair

Like anything else in life, websites need a little love and attention. What once was considered a modern and exciting website can fall into disrepair and neglect in a short amount of time. We can update your old sites and add new functionality without having to rebuild them from scratch. Over time, whether to software updates or curious hands, code can become dated, damaging and even allow unauthorized access to your secured files. We can take a look at your website and assess any corrections, updates or repairs it may need and get old functions back to working order.

We can also update photo galleries, blog entries and any other content you may need to add to your site. A bit of maintenance on an old site can be an economical solution to modernizing your internet presence without breaking the bank.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our current rates and see what we can do for you!


Let’s be honest, web design and digital marketing can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How much is too much and what do you want your website to say about you? We are happy to meet with you and discuss the process in length, going over your personal needs and the needs of your business or organization. Our designers can put together a creative plan based on our meeting and help you see your project to completion. Don’t trust just anyone with your online image, contact us today!

The $75 consultation fee is applied towards any web design services you may purchase after our meeting and includes 2 hours with our creative director and an analysis of your current design needs and any applicable services we can provide.

WordpressMost Popular!

$ 50

An hour
  • WordPress
  • Mobile Sites


$ 50

An hour
  • HTML/CSS Updates
  • Code/Function Repair
  • Addition of Content

ConsultationCost Effective Answers

$ 75

2 Hours
  • Strategy
  • Evaluation
  • Proposals

All websites built on robust WordPress framework

User friendly back end allows you to maintain your own site!

Cross platform compatible. iPhone/Android/Tablet friendly

Our web design team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and we’re more than happy to prepare a free quote package to help you in your creative endeavor. To help us create a comprehensive and detailed quote package, please follow the link below to answer some questions regarding your web design needs.

Request a free quote package

If you already own a website and would like to hire a technical team to keep your site updated and fresh with new content, you can inquire about our content management packages. With this service we will update, maintain and repair your site for a flat monthly rate as well as store backups on our cloud servers in case of catastrophic data loss or hardware failure.

Content Management    Contact us!


*In many cases we are more than happy to offer a flat rate on our services. These rates are based on the information provided during our first consultation and are subject to change as the project progresses, if additional concepts or ideas are introduced after the original quote is given. We will always let you know if additional hours are required before proceeding, allowing you to adjust your budget or design concerns as needed.