GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES – Flat rates available!


Graphic and Print

With a combined 25+ years working with Adobe products alone, you’ll have decades of experience at your fingertips.


Branding and Logo Design

First impressions say a lot about your and your business and we can help you make the perfect statement.


Image Repair & Correction

Old, damaged, faded or flat – we can fix it! When it comes to images, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

Graphic and Print

Graphic Design is our specialty and we love what we do! Flyers, Print Ads, Marketing Materials and anything else you can imagine, we can do it. The process starts with a meeting to discuss your project and what you hope to achieve upon completion. Each design is created with your specifications and we allow 3 correctional phases with each project, with additional corrections available at our hourly rate. This process assures that the project does not go on indeffinitely and allows for focused feedback. We have over a decade of experience and an even longer list of happy clients and we’d be excited to count you among them!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our current rates and see what we can do for you!

*Flat rates are available for this service.

Branding and Logo

Your logo is often the first thing a potential client will see when they come across you and it is incredibly important to make a great first impression. Sloppy, dated or inexpensive logos will say more to a customer than all the testimonials in the world and that’s where we come in! We can update an old logo or create an entirely new business identity for you and your organization. By discussing the messages and ideas you want your identity to convey, we can help steer you towards color pallets and fonts that will best capture the attention of your audience. The most successful companies in the world understand the role that color and design can play on the sub conscious mind and they spend billions a year to perfect that message. Now you can to!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our current rates and see what we can do for you!

*Flat rates are available for this service.

Image Services

Images are our gateways to another time, important keepsakes that house a lifetime of happy memories, but they tend to be fragile things. We can repair your old photos, remove dust and scratch damage and even recreate missing sections! Old black and white photos needing some punch? We can colorize old photos with any combination color you want, or retouch your current photos and make you look like someone else! We can also repair color damage or digitally paint entirely new scenes into your photographs, an example being the image to your right. We can remove subjects from green screens and deal with tricky and complicated images that may be causing you or your production trouble.

However, we’ve saved the best for last! You’d be surprised how many people hire us to add themselves or others into their photos which means you’re only a few minutes away from convincing your friends and family that you and your favorite celebrity spent the day together!


$ 50

An hour
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Media
  • Package Design

BrandingPreviously $50/hour!

$ 35

An hour
  • Logo
  • Branding Strategy
  • Consultations


$ 35

An hour
  • Repair/Retouch
  • Color Correction
  • Photo Manipulation

All designs are finalized in high resolution and ready for printing according to your professional printers specifications. Upon completion of the project we will send you a low resolution copy, branded with our watermark, for your approval. Once you have approved the image(s) and paid any remaining balance on your account, we will send a high resolution file without any watermarks. You will also receive the Photoshop file and/or any other design project file formats used in the creation of your material. This is the industry standard and helps us assure our clients that they are recieing the highest quality professional work.

3 design corrections included

All completed images are high resolution (300 DPI or higher)

Any and all file types (jpg, gif, png, ai, psd, etc)

Ready for printing high quality printing immediately!

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*In many cases we are more than happy to offer a flat rate on our services. These rates are based on the information provided during our first consultation and are subject to change as the project progresses, if additional concepts or ideas are introduced after the original quote is given. We will always let you know if additional hours are required before proceeding, allowing you to adjust your budget or design concerns as needed.