Dragon Warrior 2 Item Poster

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A fully repaired copy of the original Dragon Warrior 2 Item Poster that shipped with the 1990 NES classic. We had a client approach us with a torn, ripped and sun-bleached original poster that was in dire need of repair. We illustrated every pixel that needed some attention and cleaned up any text that fell apart during the scan. In the end, the poster is now entirely repaired and in full HD, which makes it far more detailed than the original! Feel free to download the file if you happen to be a fan!

High Res copy here.

Welcome to the new Chimaera Designs!

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Welcome to our brand new layout!

We’ve spent the last few months redesigning Chimaera Designs by adding new content and customer friendly service pages which will allow you to connect with us even quicker!

During this launch you will see some dramatic changes all over the site and plenty of places for you to get the  information you need about the services you want. Over the next few weeks we will be launching a brand new client log-in system that will allow you to access all of your personal files, content and administrative documents right here on the website!  Don’t have access to your files from where you are? No Problem! With ChimaeraConnect™ you can access your files from any computer, smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world! We will also be offering great deals and referral bonuses to new and returning customers for the entire upcoming  holiday season!

Keep an eye out for some great blog posts as our design teams makes its way through the west coast, highlighting some packed creative destinations along the way. We have a busy year ahead as we prepare for film festivals, design cons and art shows, so don’t miss out! 

– Chimaera Creative Team (and two dogs)